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Don’t Fear the Fish

October 22, 2015 - Uncategorized -


Since this blog still gets a lot of attention despite its lack of new content, I wanted to update ya’ll on what’s going on.

 I’m still coaching full-time in NYC and have shifted into the endurance world a bit and have been competing in triathlons the past two seasons. It was time to learn what the endurance junkies know, as opposed to those who pound whiskey and crush barbells.  I’ve also been preoccupied building my love child. It’s name is “Goldfish Fitness”, and it massages my burning desire to make people strong and fit…(ever so gently). It will take NYC by storm and start a revolution! (seriously)(hopefully)

I’m happy to report that since my last post in 2013, I’ve noticed a much higher interest in barbell training. The word is out, and people are starting to learn more about the benefits and overall usefulness of it. Nice for you.
I’ve stopped posting mostly because, between an MBA program, as well as running a full time business, I’m pretty busy. In addition, I’ve been holding off creating content for the sake of content, and wanted to wait until the company hit a point of self-actualization. I needed to first figure out who are we and why.

My website Goldfishny.com was built in 2014 and is extremely outdated so don’t judge. Since then, Goldfish has been growing and will soon make a long-awaited online appearance. With thousands of hours of coaching hours and hundreds of clients, the Goldfish team has been developing tons of content and we will be launching our brand this fall, so stay tuned!

for coaching inquiries both online and in-person in NoHo NYC, send me an email at info@goldfishny.com

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